" Step Up for Freedom" is a poem by C. A. Shelley honoring America's Veterans.
    “Step Up for Freedom” is the first recorded collection of poems written by C. A. Shelley.
     “These poems are a trip through our history, of how we fought and held onto our freedom,” C. A. Shelley explains. “They are based on the stories told to me by the veterans I’ve visited in the V. A. Hospital.”
     C. A. Shelley is a 74 year old retired Lexington fireman. He began writing poetry when he learned of a young veteran that was turned away from the V.A. Hospital and then took his like.
     “It hit me hard,” Shelley said. “I began writing. The idea was to bring attention to America’s veterans. They’ve given so much.”
      He feels a bond with these men having served himself in the U. S. Marine Corp. As a young man he was part of the Marine Corps detachments on board the carriers USS Essex and USS Valley Forge.
     “Step Up for Freedom” starts with poems about the experience of World War II veterans and continues on through the experiences of Korean War and Vietnam veterans. The poems are read by C. A. Shelley. Music of the appropriate periods and news stories help create the mood of each poem.
      “It’s important that these stories are told,” asserts C. A. Shelley. “Their lives and their sacrifices are the foundations of our freedom. ‘Lest we forget.’
“Step Up for Freedom” is available by contacting C. A. Shelley
by phone, 859-748-5014, or on Facebook, Facebook.com/Cloyd.Shelley.

1. As One

Music:  “Dance Mariata”, Kevin MacLeod, (Incompetech.com) &

 “The Star Spangle Banner”, U.S.  Marine Corp Band


News Bulletin 12/7/1941 & FDR Speech 12-8-1941

2. Step Up for Freedom

Music:  “Over There”, Gus Hanson Orchestra


CBS Radio News 9-10-1942

3. The Memory

Music:  “I’ll Never Smile Again”, Artie Shaw Orchestra

NBC Radio News 6-6-1941

4. Broken Promises

Music:  “If I Loved You”, Shorty Sherock, Orchestra

CBS Radio News 1945

5. Our Lady

Music:  “America the Beautiful”, U.S. Army Band

Newsreel:  War or Peace?  1950 Fateful Year

6. Guts & Glory

Music:  “For the Fallen”, Kevin MacLeod, (Incompetech.com)

Newsreel:  Korean War Ends.  1953

7. Valley of Death

Music:  “Devastation & Revenge”, Kevin MacLeod, (Incompetech.com)

LBJ Speech 9-29-1967

8. Forgotten Man


Nixon Speech 1-23-1973

9. Please Help Me if You Can

10. Who Am I


11. Remember

Music:  “Amazing Grace”,  U.S. Air Force Bands

12. Whisper

Music:  “Peaceful Desolation”, Kevin MacLeod, (Incompetech.com)

13. Conclusion

Music:  “Taps”, U.S. Marine Corp Band &

 “Death of Kings”, Kevin MacLeod, (Incompetech.com)

Music:  “The Stones are Coming”, (www.FreeStockMusic.com)

Music:  “Legacy”, (www.FreeStockMusic.com)

Music:  “When You’re Gone”, (www.FreeStockMusic.com)

C. A. Shelley
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