“Frank Garrett Mysteries” is a radio drama in the mold of the classic radio mysteries produced during the Golden Age of Radio (1920s-1950s) when shows such as the “The Adventures of Sam Spade”, “The Falcon”, “Richard Diamond, Private Detective” and “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” filled the airwaves.
     The series is set in the year 1925. When Prohibition was the law of the land and drinking was illegal. When Henry Ford manufactured cars for the everyday man and better roads were allowing people to travel across the county with greater ease.
     The main character is Frank Garrett, a veteran of the Great War. When the daughter of a friend disappears he searches for her, following the clues to Harrodsburg, KY where he matches wits with bootleggers and a crooked cop to find her. In other episodes Frank Garrett is framed for murder, battles bootleggers, investigates cattle rustling, solves a twenty-five year old murder and confronts the Red Scare of the 1920s.
     “Frank Garrett Mysteries” consists of six episodes. Each is thirty minutes long. It is not only set in Harrodsburg but was written locally and will be produced locally. Auditions will be held to cast central Kentucky actors. It will be recorded and edited at Studio G in Harrodsburg.
     The show falls into the Mystery Genre with elements of Historical, Hard Boiled, Who-Dun-it sub-genres. It will appeal to an audience that enjoys solving puzzles and love surprises.
It is designed to initially air on local radio stations. Billboard announcements on the open and close of the program and two thirty-second spots will identify and acknowledge the primary sponsor of the production. The station will be allocated two two-minute positions. When the show completes its first run on radio it will be streamed on and will be available on demand.
     “Frank Garrett Mysteries” is entertaining. It promotes the Performing Arts in Harrodsburg and nurtures the acting talents and ambition of local performers. It promotes localism in the Arts.
"Frank Garrett: Wanted for Murder"
     When the daughter of a friend goes missing, Frank Garrett follows the clues to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to find her but he finds himself confronting rum runners and a dirty cop.

"Frank Garrett & the Fifth Columnist"
     The Red Scare of Post World War I pits Frank Garrett against a group seeing red everywhere.

"Frank Garrett Pins on a Star"
     Frank Garrett become a Deputy Sheriff and solves the case of dead rancher found on the wrong property on the wrong side of the county.

"Frank Garrett Counts Bullets"
     Curiosity after a city police detective kills a lone gunman in the street lead Frank Garrett to search for another dead body.

"Frank Garrett Finds a Rebel"
     While investigating a case of vandalism, Frank Garrett discovers the body of a man murdered twenty-five years earlier.

"Frank Garrett Takes a Bullet"
     Shot and wounded while patrolling rural Mercer County, Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Garrett solves his own attempted murder case.
     The year is 1925.
     People dance the Charleston, dance in marathons and sit atop flagpoles.
     They stay home to tune in and enjoy radio shows or go out to watch silent movies.
     Meet Frank Garrett, a veteran of the Great War.
     He comes to central Kentucky to help a friend and becomes involved with murder.
     "Frank Garrett Mysteries” an original radio drama created, written and produced in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
Written and Produced by Tom Vigneri
Produced at Studio G, Harrodsburg, KY by Goldsmith-Vigneri Productions
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